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Date: February 26th 1918

February 26th 18

Dear Joe.

Just a line to say I got your welcome letter yesterday, and I was glad, as usual, to hear how everything was going at home. I wish I was able to write you as much news, but one has just about the same rigamarol when writing from this side. Well Joe, you'll expect a little more than usual this time, as I'm just back off leave, and you bet I sure had a good time with them all. Mark and Fred are working pretty steady, but managed to get three days at the weekend, and we made a round of everything there was to see. I was sure going some, for the time I was over there. Of course I lost about four days traveling, or between that and waiting to get paid in London, so you see. Of six days at both places, they all wanted to know a lot about you all, and I fooled them well as to what it was like. There was four of us Swan boys went away together, but we split up in London, as they went up to Glasgow, and they all seem to have a good time up there. London isn't much of a place to stay, as it costs too much, although they have some very good soldier clubs to stay at for about six shillings a day. I stayed at the Maple Leaf, while I was there; a good place not far from the station, and you get a bath and new underclothes free, and also leave a bit of your close friends behind to the bargain. Well Joe, so you heard about G. Wright getting his stripe. But that don't count over here.

Well Joe, you'll be making headway with that new Oliver by this time I guess. I'd like to be with you, and we'd soon have thing running jake. But as it is, I think you're getting along fine. Tell Madge I got her letter along with Mother's, and I'll answer the first opportunity. I sent them a couple of souvenir hankies, so write and let me know if you got them, will you? Well Joe, this will have to do for now, so best of luck, and love to all from,