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Date: January 10th 1918

Jan 10th 1918

Dear Mother

Just a few lines hoping that they will find you all well at home as they leave me. Things are just the same as usual with us and it's rainy kind of weather we are getting just now. I guess it will be freezing hard as ever in Canada. It can do that here sometimes as we had a nice little frosty spell awhile back. From your last letter, you will be nice and cozy getting that new stove, and not to mention that basket chair (that I'm going to pinch on you, when things finish over here!) For you know I'm sure to be lazy as ever. I'm beginning to look for your pictures coming along, since I heard Marjorie got her camera. I'll send you one again the first chance I have to get it taken, but don't look too soon. I'd have to travel some to send you one 'toot sweet.' If Dad got that Listening Post, you know what that means. Tell me what you think of it as there is some interesting pieces in it. But of course don't believe it all, except that 27 drop both. Well Mother, I was glad to hear that Dad is getting fixed up at last. How did he like the trip to the Peg? It would be a change. I guess you would have liked to have gone down too. Well Mother, I must be closing now, so best love to you all from your loving Son,