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Date: January 25th 1918

Jan 25th 1918

Dear Mother-

Just a line or two hoping that they find you all well at home, as this leaves me. I'm just beginning to think that it's time for another Canadian mail to come along again, as it's rather longer than usual this time. But I guess it will come with a rush soon. Things are going much the same as usual out here. The weather too. But I'm looking forward to a change pretty soon as I hope my Blighty leave will come through sometime next month, if I'm lucky. I'm going to see them at Sheffield, and call at Starston on the way back, as I will have more time than I had last time. I expect to have a great time, and I guess the only fault will be that it won't be long enough, and coming back again, as there won't be any curiosity to satisfy like the first time coming across. I've just seen all there is to see, and a little bit more than I want to of France. But I want to stick it out to the finish. How would you 1ike to see me home in Kilts, and see the whole of us with the bagpipes in front? Some swank, eh! But we sure have a fine band now, and would make a nigger want to be Scotch to hear it. We had a good time New Year's Eve, and the most of us were out to hear them play the New Year in. I was glad not to be in the trenches then, as it was quite frosty and it sure did snow. But now that's all gone, and we have plenty of good old mud again. I still have my old job running, and I guess I can count myself lucky, as it's as good as I can get, till the pushing starts again, and then you've got to hop. Well Mother, this is about the best Batt I could be in. It has the best reputation in the Canadian Corps, and the best fighting batt in France. So you see it's something to be proud of belonging to, and I'll be able to stick out my chest when I get to Blighty, eh? Well Mother dear, above it all I wish it was all over, and I guess things will have to come to a breaking point soon. A lot of these French folk think it will be over by April, but the sooner the better, eh? Well Mother, I'll have to close now, so best love to all from your loving Son,