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Date: July 2nd 1917

July 2nd, 1917,

Dear Mother and Father,

Many thanks for your letter and the cake I got yesterday, which I sure enjoyed. Your letter was dated 25.5.17, 50 you will know how long they take to come. But that is quite good to what it used to be. The cake certainly was the good old sort, and some more of my chums helped me to like it in the usual way. All the boxes we get go to the family, so we generally come out even.

Well mother dear, we are still getting on OK, and living good and still getting plenty of bully and hard tack, which seems to be our chief menu, and is great for getting our teeth in shape. We are into a new home again. I'm writing this in the kitchen, which is some style; a nice tiled floor and open fireplace; and all that's missing is the roof and one wall. We sleep down the cellar. Doesn't that sound cool? It's just about the best billet we've had yet, but I don't know how long it will last. Our party that I'm with are still on the light railway till the Batt calls us in. It's a bon. job, and may last us quite a while longer. It's better than the front line, anyway, although we get some of Fritz's heavys near us, which mixes things up and gives us a little excitement, which passes the time. Some of the Swan boys that were in the 43rd have been over the top, but had very few casualties and are back here for a rest. Geordie Wright is here now with them and is all right.

L. Gordon is in the 43rd but I haven't seen him yet. I had a cake and some eggs from aunt Jessie and Gramma about the same time as yours, so you see I'm in luck's way. I had a day off for a bath and a change of clothes last week, So we don't have to bother washing them now. The only thing I hang onto is the socks you sent me, and I wash those myself, as they sure beat the army socks, as I can't wear any holes in them. I still have your card of wool you sent in them.

Well mother, how is your garden coming along. We have seen some fruit growing about, and had some red currants today, and there is all kinds of pears and apples growing about, but are not ripe yet. And I'm just hoping we'll be here when our peach tree gets ripe. Well, I'll have to stop writing like this, or I'll make joe's mouth water. I hope he has my letter by this time, as I'm looking for his. Don't forget to use the checks mother. I hope Dad gets his teeth fixed, as they must be the trouble. Mine are still good and I'm feeling jake, and I'm big as Joe now. That's swank, I guess. Well, I'll close now hoping this finds you all well, so with love to Marjie auntie and you all from your boy,