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Date: July 9th 1917

July 9th 1917,

Dear Mother,

I have received your welcome letter 3-6-17 and one from auntie and from Joe, and Marjie's too. So I'm lucky, aren't I? Well, mother, I hope this will find you all in the best of health as this leaves me. I'm still getting on fine as usual. I had a day off today, and was up for a change and a bath, and I also got some boots too? breadnoughts we call them, but they're good for the wet anyway. We don't seem to have had much rain so far, but you bet we don't grumble at that I'm still on the tramways yet, and it's OK. Better than being with the Battalion. We get fed good, and don't have any drill to do, which is better than if we had, I think sometimes. I'd rather be here than in C. Hughes, except for being able to get home. Well, mother, I think I let you know that I got your cake and how good it was, and I'm sending you some addresses for your Society. Perhaps you will have them by now. 0.A. Davey 1000253 A boy 27th Batt. Can.BEF, Pte C. Schell 1000982 16th BEF are the only boys from our way, and I'm sure will be glad if we get those You must have quite a busy time now. How did the sports come off this year. We had a Divisional Sports back at the rest camps, but I didn't have the chance to get out. I think G. Wright got some of the prizes for running. Well, I wonder what the grain looks like in Canada. I sure hope it's a success this year, as it will help out a lot if the price still keeps up. I don't think I told you that our home changed again. We are in some cellar now, and pretty comfy and don't have to worry if a whiz bang drops on top. I'm going to write to auntie the next chance I get, so tell her I got the gum all right, although someone had a look at it, and I guess sampled it. I generally get a letter from auntie's in Eng every week, and they all seem well and Roland seems to be fine. I wonder how your votes [?] came out. I'll be hearing all about it soon. Some style now, the car, eh? The ladies must be plentiful around Arran now, from what Davey was saying. Tell Joe he's not to get sticking around. Well, mother dear, I bring this to close now, hoping this finds Dad and all well. I'll close with love from your affectionate Son,