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Date: July 9th 1918

July 9th 1918

Dear Mother -

I received your letter yesterday, and glad to hear you are all well. I'm getting along fine as usual, and haven't caught the flu yet, and I don't expect to. Guess I'm too healthy a specimen for anything like that. Well, I wonder are you all in love with the new car yet. You'll be making me quite envious! Tell Joe he'll need a new one every week when I get around! We should worry, eh? I get all my joy rides on the Gov. these days, freer and for now't. So you' were out to see the Spencers. I guess that old man will be getting on in years all right. I suppose Walter is still with them, unless he's married. By this time Marjie will be well away at her new school in Pelly. How does she like it? She's sure to feel a little strange at first, but I suppose will begin to like the change. It isn't much of a place, but there will be more companions to enjoy herself with, won't there? If she is to stay there long, I will have to write her a letter. She will be getting quite a young lady by now; almost fourteen, or is it still the unlucky 13? You'll remember I used to consider myself a grown up person when I was that old. But I'm still on the grow, Mother, and still got a lot to learn, I guess. Although one does learn quite a lot here, and I won't be any the worse when I get through with the war. One gets a broader view of things than he used to; and also to look after yourself, for if you don't, no one else will. But I think I have got that down to a fine point by this time. Well Mother dear, you'll be wondering what kind of boy I'm getting to be, writing like this. But we have to write of something, eh? When I do start, it's too bad that censoring is necessary. It makes it hard to write anything very interesting, and what you do write, your officer knows. But I don't think he's much wiser. I don't like it all the same. You know, for instance, if one happened to be writing to half a dozen girls (only supposing), he's liable to have "some opinion" of one. Welcome to it,.. what do you think? You know I do write to two or three nice girls in different places, but I haven't got the complaint seriously. Wouldn't help any to be in love out here, would it? One of the Swan boys out here didn't lose no time on his Blighty leave, and came back a married man. That's married in haste, as he hadn't seen the girl before. Apre la Guerre - and then some, before I'd ever think about it. So don't you expect a munitions girl in trousers along with me when I get back, or you'll be disappointed. Well Mother, everything out here is looking lovely, and the weather continues fine; not so much rain as you seem to be getting over there. Maybe it's better for the crops, if not for the car riding, eh? Be sure and jump on Joe if he comes home backwards, with a team on the end (of the car). Well Mother, I'll be closing now, with best love to you all, your loving Son,