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Date: July 10th 1917

France, July 10th, 1917

Dear Joe,

I have at last got your letter 10-6-17, and sure was glad to get a letter from you. I wrote mother yesterday, so let her know if you get this first. Well, you will be looking for a lot of news, I know, since I've been over here, and I used to think it would be something to write about, but would you believe it, there seems less to write about than before, and it's a lot more interesting to get your news from home. I guess our little town is getting quite classy, and I'll be looking for the auto when I come back. I do hope that the operation that you spoke of, came out all right, for it must bother you a lot. I guess by the time you get this you'll be thinking of the cutting. There's one thing, you'll have a good four horse outfit now since Nellie's been working. How is the other colt coming along? I'd like to see it. We see all kinds of horses and mules out here, and they are used a lot at night carrying in grub and supplies. But I'd hate to be a skinner here, as you have all you want to do to dodge about and look after no. 1 out here sometimes. I caught one horse that got away when I was on night shift. I guess a shell must have bust the wagon or the gun he was on, and there was no one to own him. So I got him out of the tangle and let him go. Well, Joe, after the novelty wears off here, things are no more exciting than the good old farm, and the most we talk on is when we get back to Canada or Blighty again. We see all kinds of air duels here and it makes you hold your breath sometimes to watch them. And I'm good and satisfied to stay on the solid ground. I guess you know I'm on a working party yet, and it's OK and we generally have lots to eat, but not like mother used to put on the table. But I'm not getting thin on it anyway. My present worry just at present is a big rat trying to dig himself in, in the most un-get-at-able place I've got. But I'll soon coax him out. We are never without them here, and they say you get used to them,.. I hae ma doots - one gets a new tribe every time he changes clothes. We don't have a very big wardrobe now; just what we wear and an overcoat for a blanket. But I got some empty sandbags to help out nights, and I get fixed pretty cosy if they don't move us too often. Well, Joe, I'll have to be closing now, hoping this will find you all well. And give my best love to all and be sure and write. So best wishes, and hoping you have extra good luck with the harvest this year.

From your Bro. Frank.