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Date: July 24th 1917

France, July 24th

Dear mother -

Just a few lines, hoping this finds you all well as this leaves me. You'll be glad to know I had a parcel yesterday from your ladies aid, and it just came at the right time. I am writing auntie tonight to let her know too. It seems to have been a long time on the way. There's one good thing; your letters always come pretty regular. But we always get a week or two once in a while that it doesn't come, and then a heap. Well mother, there isn't very much to write about these days. You'll be glad to know that we're still holding our job down, and I like it fine. We are billeted in a town, now. Some style, isn't it? And are very comfortable for soldiers anyway. I even was to a swimming pool just after supper, so you'll know how I liked that. It would be nice to be in our little river sometimes. I expect that Joe will have been too busy this summer to experiment with the nets. I wonder how the crops are turning out. Good, I hope. I saw some very nice ones over here, as we came along, and it was good to see, after nothing but trenches and shell holes. But they still drop some even here, just to let us know there's a war on, I guess. Well mother, just talk about quick-order railroads. I'm getting expert by now. I think we just about broke the record today, so you see they keep us busy sometimes. Well mother, I'll close now, with thanks for the parcel I received, love to all from your aff son,