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Date: July 28th 1917

France, July 28th

Dear mother,

I was pleased to get your letter again today, date 26-6-17, So that's not bad, is it? Well mother, you'll be glad to know that I'm still all right and in the best of health, as I do hope this will find you all. I was sorry Marjie is still troubled with a cold, and hope she is over it by now. She must be some young lady by now. 13. It really is very surprising how the time goes, as it doesn't seem no time since last Aug - I hope she has the birthday card I sent by now. I think I mentioned the L-aid parcel I got this week from home. I've really been very fortunate as I had one from Starston to keep it company. They are all well, and were expecting Roland in a fortnight's time. So they are very glad, I guess - not to mention Roland. Yes, I'll sure look out for the parcel you mentioned in your letter and everything I get in them just fits in fine and couldn't be any more acceptable than they are. So now, don't have me spoiled. I don't think my hard times have struck yet. I'm still with the railway and I want you to address letters different now, as we are told we may be here for awhile -16th Batt, attached to Canadian Corps, Framway Company, BEF France.

I was glad to hear the drought passed over and you got the rain again, and it's to be hoped the crops turn out OK this fall. We are having lovely weather just now and in a nice place too. I've had a swim every day this last week, and getting quite an expert. I met some of our boys from Swan in the 29th yesterday, and we had quite a reunion, ten of us. We hadn't seen them since we left Eng. and was like old times to be together again. What do you think of the Russians? Some crew! I don't like 'em eny more than a German, but I think, in spite of them, we'll soon have an end to this war. That's what we all wish, isn't it? And it's best to look on the bright side of things, anyway, and it sure will be bright when we get home again, as Canada is "tres bon" to here. Well mother, I'll have to let off now, so with the best of love to all and many happy returns to Marjie (even if it is late) from your affectionate Son,