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Date: June 6th 1918

June 6th 1918

Dear Mother­ -

Glad to get your welcome letter again, 5-5-18. Well, everything is going fine with me out here, Mother, and having a nice time of it at present. "Getting up steam" I guess. So you saw Gordon's picture in the W.T. I have not seen anything of his bunch since last fall. Well, how is Joe getting along with that new car of his? I guess you will have more joy rides than ever now, eh? So you will be able to tell me more about it next time I would imagine "something's in the wind". I had a letter from Elsie Hunt the other day. I sure would have gone to see them if I had their address before. But I had a busy time as it was, don't you think? I guess I better not start to even think of another leave yet. I'd think I was lucky to get away as soon as I did the last time. I wonder, are you getting the weather we are over here. It's been splendid so far, and things look very pretty about here; a nice village and well away from the Hun. I soon won't want to leave it. My billet's at a farm house and talk of "simple living": I can snuggle in the hay at nights like a gentleman, without expecting a pip-squeak through the roof. I wake up to the tune of the rooster crowing reveille in the fresh and dewy morn. (How's that, Mother dear!) Well, I must be closing now, so hoping that you are all well, I'll close with love to all, your loving Son,