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Date: June 17th 1917

June 17th, 1917 Somewhere

Dear Mother,

Just a few lines hoping this finds you all well, as this leaves me. I got your last letter yesterday, and I sure was glad to hear from you. Your letter did not seem to take quite so long as the last. You must think that mine are rather out of date by the time you get them. But you'll like to get them all the same. The last time I sent you a field card, you'll think there isn't much news in them. I was glad to hear you got the pictures I sent from Bramshott, and I guess you will have the last one I sent from here. I only got it the last week as they were late sending it on. I think you'll like it anyway.

Well mother, I hope you're getting the nice weather we are for the spring. It is just fine while it stays like this, and this seems like a picnic to me. Our party are on light construction work till we are needed in the Batt. We are getting things OK and get better fed than anywhere. So you'll see we have nothing to kick about.

I'm writing this on the step of my dug-out, just like a gopher ready to beat it, if a shell comes. Our dug-out is 40 feet deep, so we are safe enough when we get down in it. When I get home I'll be expecting a bed in the cellar. Don't forget to have it ready! I think by the time one gets done here, that almost anything will look good. Well mother, I'd like you to see me just now; I do look a pickle; We're like overgrown Boy Scouts. All that we wear now is short pants, off by the knees, and a shirt and tin hat, not to mention the whiskers. We have a great view from here. We can see the whole thing from where we are,.. the towns and the Boshes. We see some great air fights. It seems wonderful to see them, just like a bunch of flies.

Well mother dear, you mentioned the parcels you used to send me at Bramshott, and I think that I got them all, and I sure appreciated them. But I appreciate more, mother for sending them, and I do hope that you won't worry about me needing anything, for I'll sure let you know. If I get some socks next winter I think I'll be OK. We get a bath every time we go out of here, and a change of clothes, so we manage to keep fairly clean. Well mother, I'll have to be closing now, hoping Joe's eye is getting a lot better, and I'm looking for his letter, so with love to all and Marjie, from your loving son,

Frank x x x