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Date: June 22nd 1917

June 22nd, 1917

Dear Mother,

I'm writing hoping this finds you all in the best of health as this leaves me. Well mother dear, we left our other camp, and have been up here three days, and though we are not in the trenches yet, things look more realistic here, as we are behind the lines just now and may be going up soon. I like this place all right, as it is more of a rest camp than anything, and we get things pretty easy, which we were pretty glad of after the trip here. It was more tiresome than the last. We had a day and night in the box cars, and rested a night in an old village, and the next day we marched here; only 15 miles, but we were good and glad to finish the journey. We have a different way of camping than what we've been used to: an old village that is pretty well blown to pieces; and we are billeted all over; some get good places as there is one or two places still good. I'm doing pretty good in a place for six of us; sand bags about two feet high, and a canvass over, which is some cozy nook. There is still a few of the inhabitants staying around here; the poorer folks that can't get away, I guess; and they work on the fields, and they were even threshing just over the way yesterday. But they are very old-fashioned in their ways. It certainly is a shame the way things are blown. It is sure an eye-opener to be here. It's a steady thunder all the time with the big guns. They say we send over six to every one of Fritz's shells, and I sure believe it. It won't be long before the old Kaiser will be up the pole. I was reading they are sending a big contingent of Americans over to fight, so we'll be able to put the finishing touch to Fritz all right. It's very interesting to watch the aircraft from where we are, as we see all kinds of them, and as soon as they get within range you can see the shell bursts. I saw one brought down yesterday. I suppose you have read about the air raid on Folkstone last week. I think it's the worst yet. Well mother, it's one good thing that we are safe from that kind of thing in Canada anyway. I suppose things will be going on just the same, although I heard that there was going to be conscription, which is all right, if they take the first class first. I wonder if you get my letters regular. I used to get yours until I came here, but I've had none since I've been over, but I'll be getting a whole heap soon, I guess. I guess the reason is that we move around so much. We are still in the draft and not with out Batt yet, so you see it has to be forwarded on to us, as we are with an entering division until we are wanted. So address me at the 16th Canadian BEF, France, and I'll be sure to get them sometime/ I hope Joe's eye is getting better by this time. Tell him that I know he didn't mind staying in 'Peg, when the lovely Louisa was there. Tell him not to get married as I want to be at the wedding.

Well I'll have to close now mother, with love to you all, and auntie. I'd like to get a letter from her sometime. I'll be writing again soon, so bye-bye with love from,