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Date: June 23rd 1918

Sunday June 23

Dear Mother -

I was glad to get your letter and parcel the other day. The cake came in fine shape, and the chocolate and cigarettes also, and they were all very nice. Well Mother dear, everything is running pretty smooth, and soldiering not too bad at all just now, thank you. The weather stays fine, although a little windy and cold just lately. I hope it is better out West than when you wrote last. It must have been very unpleasant and inconvenient too; but it always seems that way about that time, anyhow. I hope you got in the garden without any more trouble. So you had Mrs. Mitchelson to see you,. and still lively as ever. I guess they're a pretty happy bunch anywhere. Whose was the baby Golderg wanted her to see? I had no idea that he had married again. My, they seem to be getting a lot of the men for the army now. I guess that getting married stuff doesn't help any at all now. Lucky to have a chance to, eh? or are they? Well Mother, they were all doing well the last I heard from Starston, and Gramma just the same. Well, I must close now, hoping this finds you all well at home. Best love to all, your affectionate Son


P.S. I guess that Silver Lining's got to come through soon, what?