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Date: March 4th 1918

March 4th 1918

Dear Mother-

Just a line or two to let you' know I'm getting along fine, and getting settled down to work again, after that wonderful leave. I wonder how this letter will find you all. Very busy, I guess. I'm hoping you are all well. The weather here has been fine and we are just getting it a bit colder the last two days, although I suppose we will soon have summer with us again. I think by the way that you all write that things will look a lot different round our little spot when I return. I guess you will miss the Mitchelsons, if they have gone down to Swan River now. And Marjie will be minus some of her playmates. I'll be having quite a grown up sis when I see her again. Getting on for thirteen now isn't she? How is Auntie Emily? I never seem to get to write her, but say I think of them anyway, even to wondering how W.S. is getting along with you all. I don't suppose he's forgiven the way I hurt his feelings yet. But I don't worry about it at all, eh Mother? But I sure have him and Standring sized about right. I wonder do you see anything of him now. He's not had to join yet, I suppose. McLeans sure seem to have the run of things in town now, don't they! I guess they soon will be calling it their own. How's Cassie's family,. not increased any more has it? I don't want to be inquisitive, you know Mother, so you'll have to keep me posted. I wonder do you get your English mail more regular now. I didn't hear from there since I came back. Aunt Jess should be getting over her illness now. I thought it was rather quiet down there after my stay in Sheffield, but enjoyed it all the same, and you bet was very sorry to leave. Uncle George is a brick though, and we took another trip to Norwich, and took in the theatres. I wasn't short of company down there, as a couple of nice fellows out of the R.C.A. seem to have a home there too. I wouldn't be at all surprised, if I were you, to hear of May getting married,- - we'll say after the war, eh? But don't say anything when you write to her, as I'm only guessing. But you know 1'm a good guesser! Well Mother dear, this will have to do for just now, as my time is limited, so best love to all from your aff Son,


P.S. My address will be correct if you don't mention Platt.