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Date: March 10th 1918

March 10th 18

Dear Mother,

Just a line or two to let you know I got your welcome letter again 10-2-18, and was glad to know that you were all getting along so well, and things going the right way. So you paid a visit to the Banks. They have a fine looking house by your description of it. He must be making his pile. I guess when all's said and done, the farmer is making his money on the war prices. Well Mother, I'm sorry if I disappointed them by not writing, but I only had the one letter sometime before Xmas, so I think their letters must have gone astray with the wrong address. But I'll drop them a line and let them know. I guess that you will be getting some nice weather by the time you get this. This last week with us it has been lovely and warm in the daytime, but I suppose the spring weather is earlier here. Things will be one busy rush at home, I expect, putting in the crops and everything else that has to be done. I wonder how W.G. is getting along. I guess Auntie will be busy helping unless he's able to hire a man again. Well Mother dear, I will soon be getting the parcel you mentioned, So I'll let you know when it reaches me. I'll close now, with best love to all, from your loving Son,