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Date: May 20th 1918

May 20th 1918

Dear Mother -

Was so glad to get your welcome letter again, and that you are well. Your letter made pretty good time as it was dated 19-4-18. Hardly three weeks. Well mother, everything as usual is going fine with me, and we are still getting lovely weather, but really too much of a good thing and makes you feel lazy. That's nothing new to me, is it?. I suppose you will have heard by now that both Freddie and Mark joined up. Was glad to hear that you got the picture, although, as you said, there was not much of me to be seen, except my knees. Blame the camera, as I guess the range was too short. Oh, and that sporty ring; don't blame me. I got it on and it wouldn't come off, till the other day, and I took a file to it. It was a souvenir ring, made out of a German nose cap of a shell, so you see I did not have to get extravagant about it, eh? I got a good watch when I was over there, with a case on it, so I would not always be breaking the crystal. It's about the wisest thing I ever bought. Well mother, I'd a nice letter from Mrs. Banks along with yours, so they must have got my address proper now.

Geo Paul that used to be in our old Platt died recently. I think it was consumption. He left for the sanatorium at Ninnette when we were in Camp Hughes, and was there ever since. Don't the Mitchells seem to be having some awful bad luck. It was too bad they had their place burnt down, but it won't be too bad if the folks are helping them out. So you still hear from Morris. What does he belong to? If I knew his Batt I might know where to look for him. It's nice of him to write to Marjie still. It's too bad she has to go away for her exams, but she might enjoy the change. But Pelly isn't much of a place, is it, although I guess the two years I've been away, there may be quite a few changes. Well mother dear, there isn't much else to write of, so hoping you are all well, I'll close with best love to all, from your loving Son,