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Dear Little Sis,

You don't know how glad I was to have a letter from you, and you had me puzzled with your writing. It was so nice. You will soon be beating me, eh? Well Marjie, I'm here at last you see and it just suits me fine. I'm writing you this in the kitchen and don't think you are the only one that's got any pets. There's two little nests of starlings just out in the roof and they sure are greedy things. They all open their beaks and stick them outside. How are your robins coming along? Well Marjie, you wished to know what the tanks were like. They're like the pictures you see of them, and there sure is lots of wonderfull things here. I've seen those Germans all right, but not very often, unless they make raids and get prisoners, and sometimes, except for the shells that come along, you wouldn't think there was one at all. But of course there is all kind of us. Things don't look nice where we are. All the village is blown down, and we live in the cellars like gophers. The nature part is very pretty here. This old war don't seem to make any difference to the birds anyway. I suppose it will be pretty around home now, and you'll have quite a collection of pets by the time I get home. How does Flossie get along. Well Marjie, I had a lovely time when I was at auntie's, and they all wanted to know all about you, especially Gramma. And Mervyn was showing one of the books you sent him. Well, I'll have to close now so be sure and send me another letter, so love from your aff Brother, love to mother and auntie,