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Date: November 16th 1917

November 16th

Dear Mother-

By the time you get this I think it will be Xmas again, so I hope this will find you all well and enjoying Xmas. Would I just like to be with you! But I'll just have to have as good a time as I can with the CEF in Somewhere and think of the time we'll have in 1918 when this old war is over. Well Mother, it will also be very cold over there now, and you will be busy keeping warm again, just as we are here. I'd soon have sent to you for some petticoats to put under the kilts! You will have some idea that we don't wear those, till it does get cold,... but thanks,...we are getting pants tomorrow, so we won't have any more worry now. You'll guess that we get mud as usual, and you sure feel like a fighting man when you're plastered from head to toe. But that doesn't worry now, as we are out on rest again, and tomorrow's pay day and a long way from town. So we can't get away with it too fast. I had a letter from May the other day, and they would like me to get leave for Xmas. I don't expect any till next summer, and then the war will be over (my luck, eh?) Well Mother dear, I'll have to close now, with love to all and a Merry Xmas from your loving Son,


P.S. Another letter coming. There is some rumpus (here). About umpteen (are) talking at once, so I'll find a quieter spot next (time).