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Date: November 18th 1917

Nov 18, 1917

Dear Mother-

Just a few lines hoping that this finds you all in the best of health as this leaves me. I was sorry to hear that you were all suffering with colds when you wrote last, but they generally come along with the winter, don't they? Mine hasn't called around yet!. Although we are getting cold weather, it's keeping pretty nice though lately, and things are going fine. I got this afternoon off all to myself, so I came down to the YM to write, and I have quite a few to catch up with. It sure is the question to find something to write of. I'll soon be able to tell you how Xmas went. I wonder, did you get the card I sent last mail? I'm going to see if I can get some more tonight, but supply are rather short in these little villages. Something like our own little town, eh? I wonder if you got the flour yet. It is getting quite a long time since I saw anything like that. We still get good bread anyway, and well fed, and that is something, and I still get boxes from you and Eng too. May tells me that Aunt Lily was down with Gramma for a day or two, and they all seem well when they write. I had a letter from Roland last week, and he still is getting on fine, and on a trench mortar course, so that will be a change for him. I wouldn't mind a change to this. You know what a boy I am for that, don't you? You used to have some time to look after me. I guess that Marjorie is getting a nice little handful now, and will be bigger than any of us. Joe will be over the busy spell, now you are through threshing. I suppose that the new house will be all dressed up, not to mention the auto. I guess Dad will be glad to rest up again, but busy enough, I guess, with all the stock to look after. Well Mother dear, I should be able to help out some, so we'll just look forward to this war to end, and we all get back again. So goodbye for a little while, and love to all from your loving Son,