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Date: November 29th 1917

Somewhere in France,
Nov. 29, 1917

Dear Mother­

Just a line or two hoping they find you all well at home. I'm getting along fine as usual, and having just as good time as we can expect to, while there is a war on, eh? Well Mother, I also got two of your parcels last week and they were great. The last one is dated 25-10-17 and the other took so long to come that there was nothing on it but the address. But the contents were all right and it was great. The best time it could reach me, as cakes and chocolates are few and far between in the trenches. The Players cigarettes looked good to me this time. We generally get plenty of issues, but it takes a tough guy, as they say, to smoke them. You will be thinking I am one, as I seldom smoked at home. But it's sometimes the only pastime we have "sometimes"...but we are not doing too bad as we are staying in basements at present in a shelled town and find all kinds of convenient things to help out, as most of the places are left with things they can't carry away. I could just fix you up fine with crockery. There's a china store, or what's left of it, just across the road, and all kinds of furniture that just gets smashed up. But it can't be helped, I guess. This is like a home (compared) to the last place we were in, as it is mud all the time, we are getting not too bad weather now. It rains once in awhile, and sometimes cold. We always carry lots of clothes, and I often think too many if there is any distance to go. But they are all right for standing about. I guess it will be plenty cold over there now. I guess it would be a freezout if (it) ever got to 60 below here, and change some of their minds about fighting, eh? Well we are getting plenty of good news lately, and I even heard that the Russians had turned again. Well Mother dear, I'll have to close now, so best love to all, from your aff Son,