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Date: October 2nd 1918

Oct 2nd 18

Dear friend,

I received your letter today, but am afraid I can't give you too much information about how Frank met his death. You were right when you said he and I were well acquainted. We chumed together nearly ever since we left Can. and it was about the same as losing a brother to lose him. I wasn't in the scrap that he got killed in, so only know what the other fellows told me- that was that he got killed going over the top, and was killed instantly, and that is about all there is to learn. I wouldn't have been able to tell you much more, had I been with him.

There is one thing I can say; that is that Frank was all soldier and done his bit for his country, if anyone has, for he was right there when ever there was anything doing, ever since he came out.

We have got old Fritz pretty well on the move now, I think, and hope we will soon be able to return to old Can. Then I will be able to tell you all about it. I am very sorry I can't tell you more, but it is something to know that he didn't suffer, and would receive a decent burial. I suppose you know my mother lives up at Sunny Isle. If you ever happen to be up that way...[letter portion missing]

I remain yours very sincerely,

G Schell