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Date: September 3rd 1917

Sept. 3rd.,1917

Dear Joe.

I received your welcome letter the other day, and was pleased to hear how things are going. Prospects look good for crops, anyway, and you seem to be doing fine with the stock. The only thing, you'll be pretty hard worked, but we've all got our troubles, eh? I have today off, as I'm just off a long hike and feeling sore about the tootsies, but that won't last very long. You'll know I'm with the Batt now, so I'll give you my correct address. It's been changed quite often, but if everything goes Ok this will last for awhile: 16th Batt Canadian Scottish g Platt 3 boy BEF France. I'm getting on fine, as they seem to be decent heads, and go about things the right way. I had a jake time when we were out for a few days, as we had Batt sports. Well Joe, I guess you heard of poor Tommy Falkner getting killed; the same shell that got two more of the Swan boys. What between that and other casualties our old Platoon got it in the neck, so it's not all pie out here. Canada looks good to us, so don't you ever get it into your head to come out here, as I'll do enough for the two of us both, eh? And you're sure doing the right thing home. Well, you'll think I don't give you much news, old man, but I guess we can't. But if you read, you'll know as much as I can tell you. We are going right ahead, anyway, and I guess everyone looks for the end of this mix-up. This is the place that gets you thinking. I think they don't know there's a war at all in Canada. Our old Lgt in the CC7G goes to Blighty tomorrow on leave. It looks like heaven to me. Well Joe, I'll have to close now, with the best wishes. Give my love to mother and all, and hoping thisfinds you in the best of health as this leaves , your aff Brother