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Date: September 28th 1917

Sept. 28th - 1917

Dear Mother-

I was pleased to get your letter again, and the parcel you sent for my birthday, and,.. my!.. that was sure a nice cake. Tell Auntie the Lemon Cheese went well. I think you had the time for sending it down to a "T", as I got it in good time, and certainly did enjoy it. Glad to hear that Marjie liked the birthday card I sent her, but I'm afraid it was rather late. But better late know.

Well Mother, what do you think now about that nice little rub you gave me in your last letter. (Are you sure I'm not twenty yet?) But without joking, wouldn't it be good to be home for that occasion? We'll hope so anyway, and I think chances are very good the way things look. You can just watch for one great big clean-up, that will settle old Fritz for good. I guess Canada is having some time about conscription now. But I guess we'll get through without them yet. I'd like to see them shove some of them Quebec French Canadians over. I guess we'll soon have some of our Americans fighting soon. They're pretty good tin soldiers so far, and they sure make some fuss of them in Eng. I hear that all the first Contingent Canadians are to get leave to Canada, and I guess it's coming to them. I was glad to hear that crops look well at home, and you'll sure be busy. I guess Joe's right to give up lessons, as he'll have enough to do. So Miss Olly West made a splash at school. She always was a little wise head, and I guess is some older than when I last saw her. I hope Marjie comes out good in her exam. Well Mother, I'll have to close now, with best love to all, from your loving son,