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Date: February 9th 1916

France. Feby 9th

Dear Ones at Home -

I'm a bit late with my letter this week but I've been extremely busy & this has been absolutely my first chance. I'm away at School again, this time it's The Defensive Gas School and only lasts ten days. I was called out of the trenches Monday morning at two am to come here to take the course & you may be sure that I didn't kick at all at having to leave as I'd been in six days and had had quite enough for one trip. The course starts out with the promise of being interesting and my great hope is that it will be time for me to go on leave to England by the time I'm through here or shortly afterward. The day I came down here I received a parcel from you containing two fine pair of socks, tobac, etc, also Ken's long delayed parcel. It was dated Nov 15 and I got it Feby 6th; wonderful to relate it was in perfect condition and the main part of it, a splendid fruitcake, was only improved by the delay. It was addressed to Shorncliffe so that was the reason for the delay.

The last letter that I received from you had a bill in it but I've forgotten the date of the letter. If you go to the bank & ask them they can get you five franc notes for about ninety cents apiece as I only get five francs to a dollar bill here we could save five or ten cents on every dollar also it's blamed hard to get Canadian money changed here. I had wanted to mention this to you before but I forgot each time that I wrote.

I'm feeling fine & fit & am getting a good rest up here.

Love to all


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