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Date: July 10th 1918
Uncle and Aunt
Robertson, Jean M.

Old Mouse, Carluke

10 July 1918.

Dear Uncle & Aunt,

I know you will be very, very, glad to know that cousin John arrived here this morning to spend a few days with us. You have no idea how delighted we are to have him and we are going to give him a right royal time. There were five of us at the station to meet him this morning so that was not a bad beginning. Our only regret is that my brother John wont be able to meet him. He is in training just now for an officer so he does not get leave for a month or two.

My word! How tall he is. He beats us all for height about here anyway. We took him up to see Aggie Gilchrist(Mrs. Diwar)& he was told he very much resembled our family. Indeed, he is very like my brother, & has a voice almost as fine & deep. We are all so proud to have him. Little did we think that one day we would have a visit from our Canadian cousin. We pointed out the house on Kirklon Str. in which Uncle Andrew was born. The we took him to see the house at Old Bridgeud where grannie & grandfather once lived.

Now, if this were the last day of his holiday instead of the first I might have given you a better account. We are going to have the camera in action tomorrow if the day is fine. We have seen all his little pictures which were sent from home & we think they are all very good.

Well, I wish I could tell you more & more, as John will be giving you a detailed account of how he spent his leave & what he thinks of Carluke (& his friend's there ha! ha!) there's not much use of me saying any more. I just took the notion to write & tell that John was at Carluke & we were all so pleased to see him. I hoping that one day I shall meet you both also Hannah & Charles.

From you affectionate neice

Jean M. Robertson

P.S. John is sleeping at our house to-night

Good. eh? JR

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