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Date: June 16th 1918
Robertson, John Hill

Seaford Sussex


June 16/18

Dear Sister

Just a line or two in answer to the letter you wrote on May 22. I received it to day at noon. Seeing it it Sunday I have a little time to spare so I'm answering right away. I got two letters from home on a Thursday both had been to Amherst N.S. One from Dad dated 12th May and mothers on the 19th. I got them just as we were parading at 7 A.M. for a march I didn't get a chance to open them till I was back fixing up my bed. It rained nearly all the time so I was afraid to open them and then not be able to read them. It certainly is good to get your letters. I glad you write often as you must for I get a letter about twice a week lately. I send lots back too. I don't know wether you get them or not but they are sent anhow. I got three letter today. Youre, one form Cousin John and another from Tommy Russell. I'm kept busy answering. I think I'll have to hired a private secretary. I'm glad Sonny got the pennant O.K. I wasn't Sure I had wraped it up good enough. Tell him I was glad to get the letter he sent with mothers. What is McCoy takeing at the University. He'll be some college kid now. What was the matter with [?] at the C.N.R. I don't think he is much in love with work. If he get in the Navy or the Army as you say he might find it different than he expects. He won't be able to arrive late at everything. I get letters from shindy all along and am writing him today. I wrote to Mag Mitchell I hop her treatment does her good. I got the boy Blairs address O.K. I'll drop him a card and might see him. I saw Hix Pollock yesterday he met duchie [?] and Archie told him I was here. He is in the Engineers we had a long talk. His mother had written and told him I was in the Army. Jock & Gordon are in France He says jock left here a couple of weeks before I arrived well I haven't much to write about only to say I am feeling OK so I will close with love to all your loving brother


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