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Date: May 13th 1918
Robertson, John Hill

Amherst NS.

May 13/18

Dear Sister

I received your letter to day at noon at I certainly was pleased to hear that everybody was fine. I seemed to be about six months since I left home. Things must be happening around Kamloops. I guess all the young fellows are getting scared now. How is it Sharpe is no in the Army. I guess he is B2 or something like that. I'll bet he will break all the girls hearts like he used to in Ladysmith.

We were out on a long route march this afternoon. We were going to march to the Bay of Fundy. Some of the natives had told our Leuitenant it was only 5 miles so he though it was a nice march out there and back. We started with good intentions and marched for an hour and a half and the bay wasn't in sight. So we rested 15 min and came back. You think Kamloops is dusty but if you could see it here. The soul is all a sort of Red Sand in the hills. When we got back we looked like a bunch of brick layers. The wind blows fierce too. The other day we were out in it and we marched about an hour against the wind. Everyone in the rear ranks had to put their hanker chiefs over their faces and march that way.

I hope Sonny got the parcel I sent him. There was a pennant and a post card. I though he would like one for that collection of his. I sent it last Tuesday so it ought to be there now. I'll bet he had a good time on the first of May. I guess he was too shy to dance. I suppose there was a big time. There was no celebration here at all. The people in this town are mostly French so I guess they don't bother. Is dad still working with the little pole or is there a different blacksmith. I guess the wether is scorching in Kamloops. We have a hot day and a cold one turn about here. Nearly all the boys have a cold. Our O.C. Capt [?] took the measles but there was no other cases we have notice today that we leave here tomorrow at 7 P.M. so you had better not write hear any more. I'll write whenever I find where we are going we don't know for sure but I think it s for the boat. We have leave till eleven to night and will be C B all day tomorrow to get ready. My Cold is nearly better now and I'm feeling fine. Hoping this finds everybody in the best of health I will now close with love to all.

Your loving Brother


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