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Date: September 16th 1918
Robertson, John Hill

Brighton Sussex

Sept 16/18

Dear Mother.

Just a few lines in answer to your letter which I received a few days ago. I was glad to hear that you had enjoyed your trip & as back home again. I guess dad had quite a time Batching. I was also please to hear that my small presents had arrived OK. I thought the must have gone astray. I hardly exspected the pipe would arrive without Breaking.

Is Mildred going to stay very long. I hope she dont get home sick. She is getting pretty bug now so I guess she will be all right. I'm sure she will enjoy herself. I had a post card from Shindy at the Coast. He and his dad were down together. He was having a fine time too. He needed a good trip the poor kid never got away from work at all. He writes me often and sends lots of snaps. They are great he sure does take good pictures. I got my picture taken yesterday with a few of the boys from our Camp I'll send one when I get back to camp. I hope they are good. I got the pictures Hannah sent of the [?] she was at while In Ashcroft. It looked like the real thing. I'd like to have been out myself for a few days. They looked as if they were enjoying them swim. I wonder if Hannah was showing them how to dive. How did Charles like his trip to the coast. I guess there will be mail for me when I get back to camp and I'm wondering what the latest news is. It's a good job dad got a nice partner again. It will make the work a lot better when there is a decent fellow to work with. It isn't very nice changing all the time. Maybe this Kamloops man will stay longer. Hannah will be back from the Coast by this time. I got a couple of letters from her. She seemed to be enjoying herself.

I am in Brighton on four days leave. They would give as a train pass all that could be got was a walking pass to Brighton or Eastborne so I came here. I have had a fine time so far but had a bum start. The first day it rained fierce and we walked from Seaford to with in 3 miles of Brighton about 10 miles I guess it was. My over coat weighed about 40 lbs. and my socks are not dry yet. But I haven't had time to catch cold so I am OK. I didn't make marksmanship in the shooting. They got orders to take us out from the staff in london and instead of giving us a decent day they picked one when a regular hurricane was blowing. It sure was a rotten trick. I made first class shot I wasn't bad. If the weather had been anything like decent I could have made. a few days before the final we had a trial shoot and I got past with 10 points to spare but it don't make much diff any way so we should worry.

I got a parcel last week. Sent by Hannah on July 31st. It took over a month to come but it was in good condition to look at. when I opened it I nearly died laughing Hannah had put a tin of Talcum powder in it and the bottom came out and there was power all through every thing I had a great job brushing it off. I didn't waste any though for it was to valuable for that. Tell her next time she sends talcum powder to [?] it up safe from the rest of the stuff well mother I'll quit for the present but will write when I get back to camp I will close with love to all

Your loving Son


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