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Date: September 1st 1918
Robertson, John Hill

Pte John H. Robertson
1st Can. Reserve
Seaford Sussex


Dear Mother

I received your letter dated Aug, 7th yesterday and was very glad to hear from you again. I had been too king for once for over a week. I thought you would be home before you wrote again. I'm glad you didnt take sick on your holiday. I'm sure it would do you a lot of good. Did Dad and Hannah come down before you went home. [?] would be a nice place to stay. I was up there once with uncle Charlie to get a load of coal. How do uncle Hughy and Aunt Bab like it. There would be a house full with Grace & the kids & you and Sonny. I'll be glad to get Sonny's letter and find out he has enjoyed the trip. He sure would have a fine time. How is uncle George making out is he still at Victoria. I hope he stays there fore a while. There will [?] see when Aunt Nancy is a [?]. I guess she will follow uncle George [?] [?]. What did you think of her. Some bloody ex.

My inks just run out in my pen and I had to fill up so that makes the diff. between the writing I guess you'll be able to read it all. The ink isnt always the same shade as the last.

Things are just about as usual. I am now taking my musketry course. All last week was spent in prelimnary work getting to know all the positions& different parts of the rifle. Loading & unloading practise etc yesterday we had our first try out on the range. The boys in our hut agreed to put in a penny each for the highest score in the hut. I didn't expect to get in the running at all for I thought they were some good shots but I won the money by making 45 points out of a possible 45. So it was hard to beat. One fellow was close second with 44. I hope I do as well when we have our classification shooting. 125 points out of 175 is marksman and all men making that get four days extra leave before they got to France. That is unless the draft is called suddenly then no one gets any leave. But that is quite a while yet so I should worry till the time comes. I hope I make it though then I'll get 8 days instead of only four days on my draft leave. I would be able to go to Scotland again then. So its worth a try isn't it. Even if I don't succeed.

Well Mother there isn't much to write about here that would interest you. Just drill etc and that wouldn't interest anyone so I will have to draw to a close. I always like to get the letters from home and hear how you are all getting on. I'm glad you are still keeping fine. Also Dad, Charles & Hannah. I will close now with best love to you all

your loving son


PS I will be glad to get the snaps when they come and see how you all look. You will have my pictures long ago I suppose.

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