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Date: September 8th 1918
Robertson, John Hill

Pte John H Robertson
1st Can. Reserve
Seaford Sussex

Sept 8/18

Dear Dad

Just a few lines in answer to the letters I have received from you lately. The latest one I received yesterday it was dated Aug 18th. Mother Hannah & Charlie were not home yet. I sure was glad to hear how you were getting along batching. I can just imagine what the house was like after a couple of weeks. It would be quite a job to straighten it out. I'm glad your new partner is a decent sort. It will make the work a lot easier. I guess buisnes is just about as usual on the railroad.

I get lots of mail from Scotland. I write to them quite often. I told you all about the parcel I got from Milly Smith in Charles letter So I wont bother to repeat. It sure was very good of her. It was right in my line. Cousin Mary is improving but she isn't out of bed yet. I had a letter from her yesterday. They are all fine. Last week I heard from Aunt Jim so you can see I'm keeping in good touch with them all. The sure were good to me. I wrote to Aunt Jim yesterday and sent a N.C. of the Kamloops High School that Shindy sent to me to her. I have sent her several others scenes of Kamloops and she thinks they are fine. I told her our house was right behind the school. She was wishing our house had been in one of the scenes so I could have pointed it out. I also sent the pressed flowers Hannah sent, to her. All such odds & ends that will giver her Idea of what home is like I send along to her. She likes to get them. She writes to me often.

I have been on musketry the last two weeks and will shoot off the final test next week. I have been pretty good all through the practice shooting and stand a pretty good chance to make marksmanship. The generally give marksmen 4 days extra draft leave but the other day all draft leave was canceled till further notice so I guess I'll be out of luck for any more leave. It makes me sore for I was right after marksmanship to get those 4 days. That would have been 8 days altogether to visit them all again.

Well Dad this is about all the new at present so I will close with love to all

Hoping to hear from you again soon

I am you loving son


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