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Date: March 15th 1917

Sandal House Sandal. Wakefield Thursday. Mar. 15:17 Dearest Arfa: We have been busy to-day going about Wakefield and I am liking its funny old streets and the market place and the Bull Ring and the exterior (I haven't been inside yet) of the Cathedral. If only you were here too!! Aunt Edie is taking the best of care of me and mothers me no end - she is being very kind and said I was to tell you that she liked having me. She has planned to take me everywhere where you are known even the least little bit and I think my days are going to be full up in a quiet sort of way. We are to go to York on Monday to see a real old Northern town as Aunt Edie calls it. This afternoon some old friends of Aunt Edie's came to tea - they are related to Cal Prior in Victoria - I didn't know that he once lived in Nanaimo, which was quite a familiar name to them. To-morrow we are to see the house where you were born and the school. I love your letters Arfie when you tell me what you are thinking about and your ideas about religion and things of that kind. You seem to take a very comfortable view of it all and I wish I could. I worry far too much about little things - about things being right or wrong - I want to cling to old ideas I had when I was quite young and yet I want a broader view and it is so hard to know how far to go. Our old contention about Sunday for instance I quite admit that I was too particular in my views, but most people I meet don't bother with any views at all except to do as one feels inclined, and so perhaps out of pure cussedness, I want to stick to my old ideas for I can't help by feel we are intended to treat Sunday differently from other days and spend it as a day of worship and not just for pleasure. I was so happy at Lady Murray's on that account, for without being the least bit ostentatious about it they had such a nice pleasant time with as I considered due regard to the day. I didn't intend to pin you down to this particular instance but it is just a sample of things I worry about and don't seem to get any forarder in. Tell me how you solve all these things for yourself. Aunt Edie enclosing a note - all my love and kisses to make you happy. Your little pal, Alice Leighton.