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Date: May 4th 1885

May 4 - Made an early start and reached Saskatoon about 8 a.m. In small village, a big barn had been made over into a hospital for wounded. Amongst them I met Sangford and Thompson, each wounded in the left arm, and Herb Perrin had his arm shot off. Told me Capt. Gardner was badly wounded and now in the hospital, and that Ted had been appointed Captain in his place. Left Saskatoon at 9 a.m., after wooding up. Had good running all day, the best we had since starting, the river being narrower and deeper. More houses to be seen along the banks, looking more like civilization. We have to keep a sharp lookout for the enemy the rest of the way; expect to come in contact with it at any time. Reached Clarke's Crossing at 2 p.m., and Col. Williams had orders from the General to make all possible haste; thought it advisable to leave off two companies here. Left off "B" & "D" companies with 10 days' provisions and ammunition. Got within about 10 miles of Middleton's camp and anchorage for the night, placing a double picquet [sic] on shore. All's well! at midnight.