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Date: November 24th 1918

Nov. 24. 18

Dearest Arfa:

We have had most interesting times for the last two days. On Friday night we had a great Victory Ball and the whole Bungalow was decorated from stem to stern and the lounge and dining rooms cleared for dancing. There must have been about a thousand people here and we had no end of a good time. The refreshments were truly [?] I hadn't seen such a spread for ages. Ices and jellies and trifles and all sorts of delicious things and bowls of real sugar dotted around the tables so we could have as much as we wanted. It was all truly wonderful. Then on Saturday we had one of the great moments of our lives in being reviewed by the king. There was to be a review of all discharged men and of course we had to go with our blind boys. At least it was optional but we all wanted to go. So with four men apiece we marched from the Bungalow to Hyde Park in fine style. There were seats reserved for us and we had a great view of the king and the Prince of Wales and Queen Mary and Alexandra and all the rest of them. Then we marched past and eyes lifted in the very best style. It was such good fun that we never thought of being tired. We were cheered all along the line. I suppose the cheers were for the men but we liked them too. Several elderly gentlemen stood with their hats raised and officers stood to attention while the blind boys marched past. It was very thrilling for us with them and the men were so pleased when we told them about it. We St. Dunstanners were about four hundred strong and made a good showing in the 20,000 odd who were reviewed. I must close now my darling with all my best love and kisses from little pal Alice Leighton.