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Date: November 29th 1918

Nov. 29.18

Dearest Pal:

Just a little billet doux today. It is my long afternoon on and I have just taken a man to Charring Cross station and seen him off to Blackheath. I like those excursions for it means a nice joy ride in a nice car and a breath of fresh air when otherwise I might be sitting in the [?] lounge. Everything is a [?] these days for we are having almost continuous rain and fog and [?] dullness.

Tonight Mrs. Brook and I are going to Hello America - just a little razzle on [?] for we are beginning to feel mouldy for we haven't been to a theatre for so long and we feel we have nothing to talk about.

What a time you must be having in [?] and all those interesting places. I quite envy you and wish I could go along too. I think I could keep up on the march - my experience on Saturday was such a nice one that I would like some more.

All love and kisses my darling to keep you happy.

From your little pal Alice Leighton