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Date: December 1st 1918

Dec 1. '18

Dearest Pal:

This is Sunday night and I have been wondering so much just what you are doing now. I went to church this morning and there too I thought much more about you than what the parson was talking about. What a host of new things you will have to tell me about, seeing all those new places and seeing them too in peace and security instead of with shells and things flying about. I really yet can't realize that it is all over, it is almost more difficult than it was four years ago to realize that there could be a war on.

I have been on the 'razzle' lately. Friday night I went to "Hello America", a musical comedy which was splendid. It ends up so nicely, just as everyone is feeling unconsciously that there is a bit too much Yankee about it, someone recites a poem about how we (the Yanks) realize how much Tommy has done and just how helped a bit at the last but behind everyone all the time was the British navy which really did the trick. It brought down the house and left everyone with a warm feeling in their hearts towards the Yanks and the British navy and everyone.

Then yesterday Aunt Edie [?] up and took me out to lunch and the "The Freedom of the Seas" in the afternoon. I had seen the latter, but pretended I hadn't and was awfully clever in anticipating what would happen next. I don't think I gave myself away. To-day as a result of all this frivolity I was much too tired to stand hours in the crowd to see Marshall Foch although I would like to very much.

It was very nice of you to send me Pug's letter. I didn't know he appreciated my visits so much. I was really very glad too to have him there for sometimes one does feel very much alone in this big London. He has been sent to Tapham now and I think I'll try to get there on my half day some time. All my love and kisses my darling heart to keep you happy.

Your little pal Alice Leighton

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