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Date: February 23rd 1941

Please send back Laurie


Dearest Laurie,

Well dear I've come a long way since we said good-bye in Wpg. It sure has been a rough old trip too most of the way not one I'll ever forget. I sure hope it isn't as rough going home as it was coming here or I might be tempted to stay. I sure don't see how these people can get any kick out of a world cruise. Personally I wouldn't go on one if I was payed as I've seen all I want of the sea for the rest of my days.

It was rough when we left Canada and I was seasick before we'd hardly left the harbour. We left in the middle of the afternoon and I was too sick to eat supper. We ran into a storm the next day and boy did this boat ever get tossed around. I sure would have given a lot for some nice dry land at that time. It was nice the next day but is took me about four days to get over my being seasick. I feel good now but this constant swaying of the boat gets on a persons nerves.

We have to sleep with our clothes on from now on we must be getting close to where we're going. It will soon be a month since we started on this trip so it's about time we finished with it. I've seen enough of the boat to do me a for a while. Yesterday was the third Sun. we've been aboard and it seems like a year. I sure know now why the boys cheer when we reach port. Boy am I ever going to exercise my lungs when we left port.

March 4th
I had this letter packed in my kit so wasn't able to finish it until we reach our new home for a short while. We just got in yesterday or was it the day before. I seemed to have lost all track of time. I guess time doesn't mean very much in the army anyway. I guess we won't be stationed very long until we'll be moved as they keep shifting you around. We should be used to that by now though as we have done plenty of moving in the last month or so.

We heard the air raid alarms last night for the first time but the all clear went soon after. They sure make one devil of a racket and must take some getting used to. We were all ears to try and hear airplanes or bombs or both but we heard neither. The Tommies told us we'd darn soon know it if we got bombed and would be plenty scared until we got used to it. They soon got used to the sirens as they sound the alert often.

I was in town tonight for the first time and the three of us Jack, Harvie, and myself had supper. It cost us plenty as we had a double order of eggs and bacon, coffee, bread & butter and custard & cake dessert. I had a glass of milk and a cake at a soldiers canteen after that. It cost me a buck but it was sure worth it after the grub on the boat. I won't go and do that again though until I go on leave as I'll need all my money. I am going to go and visit uncle and I'll try and look up Ben & Walt Noyes and Louis Bessant.

Alec Harvie wanted me to go with them but I think I'll go with him when I get my furlou. We won't do that for quite a while as we have to put in so much time before they'll give us that. Its coming to all of us now but we're all broke so maybe its best that we don't get it for a month or two.

Boy it is awful trying to get around in the blackout. You go along the street banging into people lampposts, etc. if you don't go slow. I ran into a few people but they didn't seem to mind. I had a 22.30 pass but came in a little early as I was a little bit leary of getting lost. I don't know how I'll make out on my leave but I guess I'll be able to find my way around.

The meals are not bad here so far as they give us plenty of bread and margarine. The stories we have heard about margarine are all [?] as it isn't bad and better then poor butter. We can always get cakes, tarts, etc for 4 c and tea or coffee 2 c.

I'll have to close now and call this good for the time being. I'll write again as soon as I can but I'm hoping to get a letter from you before I write again.

Your Loving Husband


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