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Date: June 5th 1942

June 5th 1942

Dearest Laurie

It seems like ages since I wrote to you last but it is only three days. We have been kept so darn busy that the time is sure flying for some reason or other. It has been real hot here so far with no sign of rain so that helps the time to pass.

I fell asleep last night just when I started this so will just have to finish it tonight. I was sure plenty tired for some reason or other last night. There is a lot of hills to climb here though and that sure makes a man tired when he isn't used to it. We should be in good shape by the time we leave here just from marching up and down these hills. We can sure stand a little harding as the march in has almost killed us. I've done a lot of marching since joining the army but that has been the hardest yet. Six miles up hill and through sand. All our clothes were wringing wet by the time we got here and all of our rear ends were just about touching the ground. It was sure a welcome sight to see this camp even though it is a long ways from anywhere. The closest town is eight miles by road quite a ways.

There was mail in today and I received your parcel of April 20th. There wasn't any letters but we didn't expect to have any mail sent up here to us anyway so it was sure a pleasant surprise. The dates and chocolate didn't last very long but boy were they every good while they lasted. I'm going to keep the cheese and canned stuff until we go back our old quarters as we don't need extra food here. The food is sure good here but then it is always that way in English camps such as this. It wasn't so hot at the last fireing camp but it was a new camp at that time and there wasn't any buildings up like here.

There is a little village just a short distance from the camp and I'm going to take a walk down there tonight. It is time I was leaving but I made up my mind to write to you before I went anywhere. I'll try to write again some time tomorrow. This is another one of those camps without a table to write on but that seems to be the usual thing in an English camp.

So long for now Sweetheart and take good care of yourself.

Lots of Love, Hugs, and Kisses

Your Loving Hubby



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