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Date: March 21st 1942

March 21 1942

Letter No. 36

Dearest Laurie

I received two letters from you today so there must be some more mail in. It sure didn't take long for our mail to follow us this time as it is only a couple of days since we moved. This is the first letter I've written since Mar 17th so it is sure time I was writing again. I started to write a letter last night while I was on guard duty but didn't get very fat with it. I'll finish it tomorrow so the date on it will be earlier then this one. The letters I received today were dated Feb. 20 & 22nd so there must be a few to come yet.

We are billeted in empty houses now and it is a lot better then living in barracks. Their isn't a chair, table or bed in the place but we wiped a couple of benches and table out of the mess room to write on tonight. We will have to put them back before breakfast but that is only a small detail in our young lives. There is supposed to be some parcels in tonight so boy am I ever hoping there is some smokes in. It is just about time I was getting some but it doesn't matter as long as some of the other boys in our sub hit it lucky. I have enough owing me to last me a spell but the trouble is nobody has any at the present time. I have enough to do me four or five days but there had better be some in a hurry.

It is quite a novelty here for most of the boys to see the tide come in and go out. I can almost spit into the salt water from our window and it is really nice. We haven't really started to do anything around here as yet but I suppose there will be plenty just as soon as everybody is settled. I was unlucky enough to get a guard here the first and second night so I should sleep good tonight. They got us up at 3.30 the night before that so you know how sleepy I am at the present time. Another night like last night and I'd be ready for the hospital or something. Tomorrow is Sunday so we'll be able to sleep in a little longer then usual, which should be a big help. I sure feel like going to bed at the present time but should be able to finish this before I hit the hay. These pages are more big though and it takes a lot of writing to fill two pages. It is not wonder that I don't like using it except in an emergency. I used to be able to write about four pages like this when we came over her but there was more to write about then. The boys all say it is a wonder we can write as often as we do seeing as how there is so little news.

Most of the boys are up town tonight making whoopee if they have any money or looking the town over if they are broke. I decided I didn't want to look the town over so I'm staying in to catch up on my letter writing. I had my fling the last night we were in barracks so had a big head all the time we were traveling. Incidentally I'm broke as per usual but I'm going to turn over a new leaf and save some money for a change. My leave is coming up pretty soon so best little Ronnie get some money ahead.

The trip coming down here went along fine except for a few accidents to the motorcycle and the rider. It was raining when we pulled out so the roads were real slippery. There was only a couple that were hurt seriously but quite a few has spills. We had two of our machines broken up in the last week but only one of the riders was hurt and that only a sprained wrist. That is one job I have no inclination to take on. There is always plenty of fellows who want to be dispatch riders and it's a good thing.

It is time I was having a cup of tea and going to bed so best I call this good. There is a canteen just down the street but they were sold out when we went down there tonight. I have a few teabags so I can make my own tea. They will most likely be rationing tea in Canada before long so you won't be able to send me much more. The English boys can't get tea from home so we won't be any worse of then them if that happens.

So long for now Sweetheart and take good care of yourself I'm sure glad you are getting your mail O.K. even though it was a long time between mails.

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses

Your Loving Husband


P.S. I Love You

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