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Date: May 29th 1942

May 29th 1942

Dearest Laurie

Here it is a couple of days again since I wrote to you. The time sure does slip around past on these schemes and a day seems to go sailing by. We were on the move pretty well all day yesterday so it wasn't any use my trying to write. We got stuck to start off with so that took quite a bit of our time. It all helps to make the day pass.

We had orders to move just as I started this but that is always the way. We are expecting to move again but I'm going to finish this before we do move, I hope. There is always the chance that we will move right away but I hope not. It is always our luck to move when it is a half decent day. It was really a swell day again today although it rained a little this afternoon.

May 31st

We moved again before I could get this letter finished so here goes for another try. We are just waiting for a move again but is shouldn't come until after dinner. This time it will be going back to billets so we are all happy about the whole thing. Some more mail just came in and there is one letter for me dated May 4th. I'll have to let this go and start reading it. Our mail has sure been coming in swell this last month and we only hope it keeps it up for the summer.

It didn't take long to read your letter Sweetheart so here I am back on the job again. Lent and his chum were sure lucky to get a meal cooked by you. I'd sure give plenty to be able to sit down to a meal cooked by you and also be able to feast my eyes on you. I'll probably just want to talk and make love to you the first day when I'm home and fancy on the eats. After living on hard tack and nothing but canned food for two weeks it is going to be a nice change to get back to billets again. We are not going to be there very long before we move again but it will be nice while we are there anyway.

It hasn't rained today as yet but it is rather early in the day as yet. There is a couple of clouds in the sky so we will most likely have a shower before the day is over. This is sure a great country for ducks of anything that lives in or on water. I'll have seen enough rain to make me want to live in the dry belt after this war is over. Once I get home with you though I'll be satisfied to work just anywhere you want to live.

We are getting ready to pull stakes again so best I get a move on and finish this. It rained a little but didn't amount to very much this afternoon. This is probably better weather then you're getting at home as it is warm here even though it's wet. Last year it was just like winter every time it rained but we were stationed in a lot different part of the country then. I just received a letter from Claire so I'll write as soon as we get back to billets. I should have written to her before this but have been having a son of a gun of a time trying to write.

So long for now Snooks and take good care of yourself. I love you more every day and boy am I looking forward to being back with you soon.

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses

Your Loving Hubby



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