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Date: November 1st 1942

Nov. 1st 1942

Dearest Laurie

Just a note to let you know everything is O.K. There was some more mail in Friday and I received your parcel of Sept. 7th. I couldn't remember receiving it when I got the last parcel but thought I must have. It sure took a long time in coming but the main thing is I received it. There is still a few letters missing for the first week in dept. so there is still a chance we'll get them even though they are almost two months old.

There were quite a few cigarettes in on Friday and some of the fellows who owed me a few packages clicked. I have enough cigarettes to do me for a couple of weeks now I hope. I just hope there is some for me before I go on leave but there should be as I'm not going until Nov. 26th. I think I'll borrow 2 and 6 and send you a wire for 20 dollars for my leave as I won't have enough. I don't want to borrow any money this time as it is too close to Xmas. I'll just have to start in and save as soon as I come back and make sure I have enough money for my next leave.

We are getting ready to go out on nites again so I'm writing this in haste. I was going to write last night but fell asleep and it was bedtime when I woke up. We had or rather were inspected by our new Major yesterday morning and everything was pretty good. He used to be Adj. at our regiment when we first came over and we nick named him "Black Menace" as he has a large black mustache and used to really give us a going over on inspection.

It is time for me to get going so I'll have to call this good. Thanks a million for the parcel Snooke it didn't look very big but good things come in small packages you used to say and I found it was true. You are rather on the small side and you are sure one in a million so it must be right. I still love you more than words can tell Sweetheart and hope to be seeing you soon.

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses


P.S. I love you

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