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Date: October 18th 1942

Oct 18th 1942

Dearest Laurie

I've been neglecting you again it seems as it is a couple of days or more since I wrote to you. I held off writing because I thought there would be some mail in but no such luck. There was a few letters in so that means we should get some tomorrow. I'll try and finish this tonight and write again tomorrow if there is any mail in. The trouble is we don't get our mail until supper and it gets dark soon after so there isn't much time.

I haven't been doing anything exciting lately, not even going to shows. I paid out all my pay this time so am out of debt but broke. I go on leave in a months time so don't be surprised if you get a wire asking you to wire me some money just about the time this letter hits there. I'm not going borrow any money to go on leave this time so might have to get some from you. I might be able to save enough but hardly think so. If we get our subsistence allowance though I'll have plenty.

It is getting kind of dark around here so best I finish this in a hurry. There was a short alert here awhile ago so I had to stop writing. We seem to get one every time I get real ambition in a letter. It doesn't really matter whether it is finished tonight or not though as I'll have time to finish it before the mail is picked up in the morning. There is no use of me straining my eyes now as I won't be able to finish anyway. I should have written to you before I started or rather finished Ethel's letter.

I'll just add a few lines to this and get it away this morning. It is misty out today so not so hot for writing but I'll do the best I can if there is some mail in. I have a strong notion there will be a lot of mail in so don't be surprised if you get three of four letters this week. I am going to go to the show tomorrow night but might be able to write a letter or so during the day. So long for now Sweetheart and keep the old chin up.

Lots of Love & Kisses


P.S. I Love You.

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