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Date: October 27th 1942

Oct 27th 1942

Dearest Laurie

Just a note to let you now everything is O.K. There hasn't been anymore mail in but there is a slim chance of some coming in tomorrow. I had the eggs you sent me Sunday night and there was another of them bad and one not so hot so I guess you had better not send anymore eggs. What you can send me if you like is some egg powder and a can of milk as it isn't bad eating. One of the boys had some of it and it was good.

We went on a route march yesterday and some battery drill and did we ever get wet. It was pouring down when we left our billets and never stopped until late in the afternoon. WE cooked our own meals and it was a son of a gun trying to light fires but once they got going it was alright. It is a darn wonder half of us weren't in bed today with the flu or something but we didn't even get colds. We must be in the best of condition as none of us seem to get colds anymore and it doesn't matter where we sleep, outside or anywhere.

There was supposed to be a free show at the canteen tonight, Hell's a Popping, but it was called off due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the operator's control. In other words the darn machine wouldn't work. I'm on guard tonight so couldn't go anyway so it didn't really matter as far as I was concerned. It is supposed to be a pretty good picture though so here's hoping they put it on tomorrow night. This is usually a good time to write four or five letters but I think I'll try and get a little sleep before I go on duty. It is raining to beat old sixty again, what a country.

The alert has just gone so Jerry must be somewhere around here close. He was over yesterday and the boys got a few shots at him but didn't bring him down. We were away at the time so didn't see him. Getting a crack at Jerry once in a while gives the boys on their toes as you never know just when he is going to show up.

So long for now Sweetheart and take good care of yourself.

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses

Your Loving Ron


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