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Date: October 29th 1942

Oct 29th 1942

Dearest Laurie

Just a note to let you know everything is O.K. Today was payday so I stayed in like a good fellow but did a little gambling. We were paid our subsistence pay so received an extra pound. I put one pound away for my leave but still won't have enough to go on leave with. It looks very much as if I'll be sending you a wire this time for some money. I'll have to try to save some money when I come back this time. I have been having too good a time since I came back from the raid. I'll just have to start settling down again and be a good soldier again. There is one thing about it I won't be drawing any money until I go on leave.

It was wet again today as usual and we stayed in and had lectures all day. I don't know what is doing tomorrow but hope it is some more lectures as it beats marching in the rain all day. This week has sure gone fast and first thing we know it will be time to go back on sites again. I'd rather be out on sites than in here anyway even though it is nice to have lights and houses to sleep in for a change.

There hasn't been anymore cigarettes or tobacco in and most of the boys are out. It is a good thing we got paid ahead of time as everybody seemed grouchy and it is just from not having smokes. I finally ran out today but was able to get some off one of the boys who hit a good jackpot. We keep thinking there will be smokes in tomorrow but it is sure taking a long time. The two packages of tobacco you sent me were sure alright and lasted about five days. It is a long time since you sent me any tobacco so maybe I'll be getting a parcel when the mail does come in.

So long for now Snooks and take good care of yourself

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses


P.S. I Love You

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