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Date: August 16th 1941

No. 76.

Lieut. G.S. Andrews, RCE

Survey Directorate

H.Q. Cdn Corps.

Cdn Army O/S

England, 16 Aug. 41.

Dearest Jean:

This is going to be short, I am leaving early in the morning for Wales, and will be away 2 or 3 days. going up there with Lyle Trorey to visit a British Survey Training Centre, to see what methods they are using. It should be a nice trip, into some interestin country and I will see quite a few of my old friends there.

The mail has been all bottled up lately - something has been delaying the letters - I have a province and a colonist dated 22 July - but no letters from you since yours of 6 July - which came 3 weeks ago - However they will all come together no doubt.

Have been pretty busy again - and not much out of the ordinary, except work has happened this week. Dick Farrow & Lorne were up for dinner on Tuesday - and on Thursday I saw Axel Kinnear down at our 400 Squadron RCAF - he is attached there for a few days to see how they handle their air photography.

This has been a very different summer to last - very few fine days and a great deal of rain & cloudy skies. The war news has been interestnig - Churchill & Roosevelt & meeting seems to have caused a flurry - and looks good for Anglo US Cooperation. The Russians have been giving some ground, but are by no means broken up, and it is now 8 weeks since Hitler pounced on them without warning.

A letter from Mrs. Haggman came along - dated 20 July - Lockley is a full fledged flyer by now. Its amazing and rather terrifying to see there lads have such a termendous responsibility thrust on them - I am very annoyed that your letter has been held up somewhere - They are the ones that mean most to me!

Well dear, I must get to bed - as its late and the train leaves early in the morning. All my love to you & Mary! and keep well & happy -

As ever


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