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Date: August 23rd 1942

No. 126

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey Directorate

HQ First Cdn Army Overseas.

23 August 1942

Dear Jean:

Your airgraph of the 9 August arrived on the 19th and a parcel of Dixie came along a couple of days later. An airletter from Gert of the 12th arr'd on the 21st. This has been a rather nice day. Worked in the morning, and after lunch rode up to Morris on the bike, and cut up some of a big tree which I cut down yesterday. Had tea with Mrs M, Ecila and Anita took theirs out in the fields for a picnic. Did not stay for supper, but enjoyed the exercise a fresh air. Bert Hammond came over yesterday and we stayed at Morris for a swell salad supper, we took three lobsters up with us, just happened to see them back at the Coy, about an hour's ride. The tree is a beech, dead and dry, a fair size, it will make them a nice bit of wood for next winter, and give me some much needed exercise. There is another one too when I get the first one cleaned up. It looked like rain several time but held off. The weather continues to be most uncertain. I long for a spell of bright fine sunny weather. I should hate to be in the air photography business in this country. Glad you have been to see Dr. Nash and that his report is OK. I had a session with the dentist last week, there wasn't much to be done, but it was two years since the last check over. My teeth are pretty good, and I hope I won't have to have store teeth for many years yet. Glad to learn that Mary is still making good use of the bed, and it is a good thing it was made sturdy. You must thank all the friends who sent congrats about my promotion. The fact is that if I stick to this kind of work, which I like best of course, there won't be any more advancement in rank. The only way I can go higher now, is to go into general administrative work, so I hope you and our friends won't be disappointed if I stay in this rank for a long long time. Actually, I could do more effective work, which could easily carry a higher rank, but they way this show is oranised, I seem to be stuck here. Sometimes I feel that they aren't making full use of my experience and capabilities. However, many things happen which seem unlikely beforehand. I sometimes think it would have been better if I had gone into the air force instead of the army. Rank doesn't matter so much, if one has enough scope to make effective use of all his faculties. Am sending you a snap or two taken at Haywards during my leave, with Mary's card. Hope you will have got the flowers in time for your birthday, and that they are what you like. Sent you a copy of the Geog. Journal containing my article. It turned out pretty well considering who wrote it. Have also sent copies to Mr. Orchard and Mr. Green. Will have some reprints to send to others later. It is really rather dull. My field of oats is now transformed into rows of stocks, and nearly all the other fields, makes the country look interesting but summer is over.


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