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Date: August 29th 1944

30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE


Dear Jean:

Your letter of the 20th came yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to get at this till tonight. Bob Richards phoned me up yesterday afternoon, and came out from town for the night, stayed till late this pm, wanted me to go back to town with him for dinner, but I simply have to stick at the job if it is ever to get finished. It is too bad I couldn't' have taken the day off, and had a real visit with him, however, it doesn't take long to size him up as a fine chap, we seem to think along similar lines, and I like his frank and unsophisticated personality. Betty has chosen a real husband, and I'm very thankful for it. Bob certainly is high in his praises for my wife. He thinks youre just right, it was very interesting to hear about his trip to Kiska. Drove up to Taplow to see my friend Macdonald, and Bob came along for the drive, which he enjoyed. He hasn't seen much of this country, and the drive up there is very pretty. The road goes through Runneymede, where King John signed the Charter, and skirts around Windsor Castle, which I think is the finest in the country, and then runs through Eton, the famous school town.

Am sorry I didn't tell you to expect Basso to phone, meant to, but it slipped my mind each time. Anyway you know who he is, and have met Babby too. Your reactions to them both are much the same as mine. Harold has some admirable qualities, but candidly neither he or Babby are quite the type I should cultivate intimately. They belong to just a slightly different "set" which does not appeal to me. Lots of money, a bit of inferiority complex, to try to make up for just a slight something lacking. Sometimes I wonder if I am just a little bit of a snob. At anyrate, should never lose a winks sleep worrying about what they thought of my habits, or lack of some habits. You know Jean, guess Ive told you before, but one of the things that attracted me to you on our first acquaintance, was just your fine way of being your own sweet natural self. No amount of cultivated poise can ever touch that natural grace which comes of good breeding, and a fine home environment. That's what you have my dear, besides your other charms. Harold has quite a 'line" and seems to be on close terms with a lot of 'big shots', but when you discount all that, he is a good about, and has a very kind heart. He is not always too discrete, but who is? If Bob Richards is a sample of how my wife impresses my friend and relatives, well there isn't much more I can say, except that I'm very proud.
Did I tell you the name of the Fortress I flew in? It was "Petrol Eatin' Mama", wonderful.

If I'm right, you will be having your eye operation today. Hope it isn't too painful dear, and that the nervous strain wont be too severe. Will be waiting to hear how you are. Hope it is over the worst before Friday, your birthday.

You haven't mentioned receiving "Mily". Sent it 16 June, and it should be there before this. Registered. Let me know if you havnt' received it, and will have it traced from this end. Chris Bloomfield was here for lunch the other day, and said it should have got there before now, and will lock into the thing himself if you have not.

Sunday Bill and I drove down to Haywards, stayed the day, and overnight, and driving back early Monday in time for work. It was one of those rare perfect days, Nice days are rare here too, about one in 10, the climate here is really dreadful.

They managed to find the air photos of the Mill Bay place, ones that Bill Hall got for them. I had a good luck at these, and with my little magnifying stereoscope, was able to get a pretty good picture of it. Looks like an ideal spot, a road along the North bdry and along the West bdry, the length is about 3x the width, area 12 acres, which gives about 6 chains of water front. The mud flats don't extend out as far as Berts frontage. The back third of the lot has a fine dense growth of young Douglas fir about 40 yrs old, and larger scattered trees over the rest of it. There is a beautiful Arbutus (madrona) tree on the rocky 3W corner. In case Bert didn't want to sell, I should be curious to know what value the land is to the East of Berts, especially the Point. A house on the point would have a most wonderful view, including Baker. The photos show it welltimbered, so there would be shelter. The photos show that land to be vacant, but they are pretty old. Its just a mile along the branch road to Berts from the highway. There appear to be farms to the north, for milk, eggs, etc. Well Jean, you'll have to make a recce for me.

Enjoyed Mary's PS.

LOVE to you BOTH.......


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