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Date: August 6th 1942

No. 130

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey, HQ First Cdn Army O/S

6 August 1942

Dear Jean:

Last night and today have been given over quite a bit to social events. They had another party in the mess last night, I asked Ecila to come, but she had had a pretty strenuous week, so thought she had better stay in, to tell the truth I was just as glad to be stag, because I was able to sneak off to bed shortly after the supper, about midnight. Also there were one or two other odd ladies turned up without partners, so I was able to give them some attention s well as have a bit of a "visit" with some of the male guests whom I knew but don't see very often. This morning we had a [?] church parade, outdoors on the lawn of a fine old country estate which we are using for one of our HQs. The weather was fine, and it was rather nice. There were a couple of generals present, and my friend, Lt Col Hepburn, the senior protestant padre, gave the sermon. He is a man I admire greatly, and his sermons are short and snappy, punctuated with bits of humour. Another officer and I walked home but stopped in at the Morris's in passing, for a chat, and a drink. Padre Hepburn followed later to have lunch with us in our mess, and after lunch he retired into my bedroom for a short nap, while I had a sun bath in the garden. Later in the afternoon attended a garden party at a new RCE headquarters, where I met quite a number of acquaintances. After all this social whirl, I spent a quiet evening in the mess, reading the editorials of the sunday papers, and taking a little nap. I suppose it is a good thing to have a bit of social life occasionally but it was such a nice day, I would much rather have gone out for a long bike ride. During the week I got my exercise on Morris's wood pile, and expect to have all the trees I can legitimately cut all cleaned up, and I will be sorry because it has provided some very enjoyable and useful exercise. I may plan a week and at Haywards soon. Have finished the book that Bert H lent me, if you have a chance to borrow it, do so "Men and Politics" By Louis Fischer, He gives the best picture of the Russian set up of say, is fact of the whole of Europe, covering the period from end of the last war to about a year ago. I hope you had a nice birthday. Your airletter 23 Aug came yesterday, and the Mary Bonnycastle and Joyce which you sent came during the week. Also got 300 cigarettes from the [?]. In the airletters, if you want to use extra room on the sheet, you can always use the backside of the Klaps. I wish these airgraphs could be just a bit longer. I feel that the Dieppe show got rather over-much slushy publicity, especially in Canadian circles both here and at home. It was a good show from certain aspects, but many were disappointed it wasn't the real thing. I felt that an unnecessarily large number here sacrificed for what appeared to be a spectacular stunt demanded by the politicians at home to bolster up their burble on platform and in the press. I think every Cdn soldier here is prepared to pay a heavy price, grimly, but willingly, if he knows it is part and start of the real march to Berlin.

LOVE to you & Mary


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