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Date: December 5th 1943

5 Dec 43

Major GS Andrews, 10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

First Cdn Army Overseas.

Dear Jean

At last a letter from you, an airgraph came yesterday, and although you forgot to date it, I think it must have been written on the 14th Nov. At the end of it you say "our project is now a definite fact" - Oh Jean I could shout for joy! I can hardly believe it. It was a terrible temptation to tell all my boys. You must enroll at once with Dr Nash, if you haven't already done so. My it will be exciting, and we must take every precaution that everything will go as it should, both as far as you are concerned, yourself, and as far as the Little Project too. Do you know, if it turns out to be another Mary Elizabeth, I shall be gratified, I have her last picture with your son my desk, I look at them several times each day, and they never fail to send a surge of happiness through me. I love the bit in your letter about Mary finishing out her songs regardless of what the others are doing. Just like her Mother.

I like getting the letters of Helen, and Ruth. I have a great admiration for both, and Helen's "modernisms" of speech are refreshing to this staid old Man of the Mountains now 40 years old.

Your parcel arrived safely, containing the nice sox, and the cookies, etc. Your stock is right up above par with the boys, as the cookies were shared at coffee time, and your little Xmas present and card for Alf made him very pleased. It really struck home, behind his "worldly" exterior, Alf is finely sensitive. Someday perhaps he will come to visit us. Some day I hope you will be able to meet all my chaps, it is not likely, but they are all very 'special'. Am taking the candy down to the Morris's, and the cake may be used as a contribution to a little Xmas dinner we hope to have, all the chaps of my section with the Captain and myself. I've been on the job this week end, but took time out this morning to go down to "Petticoat Lane" in the old City, where they have the Sunday morning market. It was quite an experience.

We are getting pretty well acclimatized to London now, Harry and I are still in the big dormitory at London Ho, but we hope to get into semi privacy soon. The boys all seem to have found satisfactory billets. Just before moving up here, I sent off the little necklace for Mary from Mrs M. Hope it arrives. Tried to find something for Xmas for Mary, but no success, even books are getting rather uninteresting, and it takes so much time, which I haven't had. Guess her Mummy will have to get something from both of us, and something for herself too. Sent $25 to Leila during the week, am afraid it will be late for Xmas, but I simply couldn't get it done sooner. Those high shelves in the kitchen won't be very good for you later on.

LOVE TO YOU BOTH.......................


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