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Date: December 11th 1944

30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, R.C.E.,

Cdn Army Overseas. 11 Dec 44.

Dear Jean:

This is just to keep you posted on things while they are fresh in my mind, and on this trip quite a bit of interest has been, (and is), happening. Before I start, in my last letter I forgot to tell you that I had lunch with Bert Hayward just before coming over here. We discussed The Mill Bay property and he has made the following definitive proposition.

Total Price - $7000.00

Down Payment - 2000.00

Balance in 5 years at 5% interest.

There would be no strings attached regarding re-sale. His original offer was I think I told you 5000 but on condition that If I sold it he would get ½ my profits. Personally I did not like that arrangement, because I felt that his price was below market value now, and it implied an obligation which I would not care to assume, in other words I'd feel that he still had an interest in it, even after we had paid the full 5000.

I think Bert considers that the price of 7000 would clear him of his original investment and interest for 7 or 8 years & taxes etc. Also I think he could get that price from another buyer. Put the house at no value, I think the property itself would triple in value during the next 20 or 25 years, after which we may or may not be interested i.e. For the probable duration of our use of it, I think it a good investment, especially with the Pat Bay air ban across the inlet - Also we might sell the back 6 acres to advantage if a good offer came along.
Bert is not sticky about the down payment, but would, if he sells, like to clean the thing up as soon as possible. His interest is very fair. If we could sell the 10-mile point property at 1000.00 or more I think the money could well go into the Mill Bay proposition. Do not like the idea of taking a mortgage on the Marlborough St. home. Would like your reaction on this proposition, I really think the mill Bay investment is the best kind of Life insurance - Our possibility I supported to Bert that we both left for future consideration was whether the 12 acres would be divided into 2 parsels - one for him and one for us. 6 acres each would be plenty but I don't know whether the frontage is sufficient for 2 homes with sufficient elbow room. Bert would be the best kind of a neighbor. Give me your ideas on that too. Might be possible to own the beach & frontage jointly, and divide the back portion. It would work out o.k. as long as Bert was the joint partner. This is the 12th got interrupted. Have sent a parcel to you from Ghent, Belgium in it are a pair of wooden clogs (Dutch shoes) for Mary - a present from a little Belgian girl of whom I will tell you more about in my next sheet. Also 3 small pieces of Bruges lace for you, got them in Ghent too. Hope they arrive o.k. The lace is in one of the shoes, wrapped in paper. Don't mistake it for waste.


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