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Date: December 12th 1943

12 Dec 43

Major GS Andrews, 10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

First Cdn Army Overseas.

Dear Jean:

Your old man is 40 today, and I wonder if he will ever get any [?] If he hasn't got any by now, I don't see much hope for him do you? The [?] real items to be proud of during the last 40 years, are his marriage to Jean Elizabeth Bergtheldt, and her presentation of Mary Elizabeth. Thank God for that.

Your airgraph of 26 Nov came on Thursday, so it appears that there is still one missing, either 14 Nov or 21 Nov. Probably it is still floating around the Army Postal service here, looking for my new location. Dear Jean, I hope you will consult a Doctor, preferably Dr Nash, to find out if possible about our project. You should do this for your own peace of mind. I hate to think of you worrying about it if it isn't necessary, also, it is evident that things are not quite normal with you, and if our project is not the reason, it seems to me dangerous not to find out [?] what is the reason for your condition. I will not feel happy about this until you have had a medical verdict. It is YOU dear that I'm worried about. If our project is not under way, we can look forward to getting it started in the future, in the meantime, your health and happiness are what matter most. Do attend to this, please dear.

I was very interested in your account of Chris's affairs. He certainly has done splendidly. You too deserve a lot of the credit for getting your family affairs sorted out so well, and so fairly to everybody. Your Dad would be proud indeed. I have been hoping to send you some more to help out with our own financial obligations. The army still haven't paid me over £40 on account of expenses for my trip to Canada, but I understand it is at last going through. Should have had it last month, perhaps it will come this month. Have another claim for £10 which has been hanging fire for two months. My living expenses seem to be quite a bit more, living in London. They allow me about 17 shillings a day, but it too doesn't come through till a month has gone by. Then a fellow spends more in town. I have been doing work on my instrument, and to save time often go out and [?] [?] and bits of hardware out of my own pocket, rather than wait for weeks for an army purchase order to go through. Anything official takes so much time that it is no wonder that the war is stretching out so long.

Am going down to Morris's this pm for supper, and will come home on the late train. They cant say too much about the things you have done for them. An airgraph from sister Mary, her baby was a boy, so they have 3 boys now. eather is getting cold. Lots of flu, do hope you and Mary will avoid getting it. I am fine. Take Halibut pill each day, seems to ward off colds.

LOVE TO YOU BOTH........................................GER.

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